Wednesday, March 14, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day is almost here!

Wow. 2010. It HAS been  long time since one of us posted. Well, we are getting geared up for World Down Syndrome Day. I guess it might have been a good idea to run local fundraiser and collect money for a Down syndrome foundation, but we just decided to focus on awareness. You can find out more about World Down Syndrome Day here. It is scheduled for March 21st (or 3/21) in recognition of the 3 copies of chromosome 21 that people with Down syndrome, also called Trisomy 21, have.  The t-shirts have The Boy's name and then "3:21", so it looks kind of like a scripture reference. Then on the back, we have the karyotype of the 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. I made one for everyone in the family. I also have one friend in Texas who will be making one, and I think a lot of people at my work will be bringing in t-shirts, too, so I can make them one. We just want to recognize our son and spread awareness of Trisomy 21. I'll be giving each person who gets a shirt a small list of talking points to address common misconceptions about T21. I hope we get a lot of curious people! Do you want to join in on the fun?

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